Why Do People Read Books?

Hi bookworms!

The other day, I was thinking about why reading books is something which makes me so happy. Why is it that I choose to spend so much of my time reading? Why do so many other people in the world do the same? Why do people actually read books?

Reasons why I read:

1. It relaxes me 

One of the things I love the most about reading is that it allows me to unwind: reading a book is the perfect excuse to spend time to myself, and avoid everyone and everything in a perfectly acceptable way.

2. It gives me major wanderlust

I don't know about anyone else, but the experience of reading makes me want to take off and explore the most bizarre and most beautiful and most clandestine parts of the world. Of course, I can't afford to do this - and let's be honest, I'm probably not brave enough to solo travel, anyway. But I find that reading is a great alternative. Losing myself in a novel is basically the same as travelling without the expense. What's not to love about that?

3. Reading makes me think less

It sounds weird, but one of the reasons why I read is because is because I'm an over thinker. Reading a thought provoking book makes me think less. You're probably thinking Shannon, what are you on about? You're making no sense, a thought provoking book should make you think more! Just bear with me. This is kind of hard to explain.

Have you ever become so overwhelmed with the loudness of your thoughts that you just need to find one thing to focus on, like a task that you know will take the entire day to complete? That's like me when I read. I pick a book that I know I'll end up spending the rest of the day thinking about, because it silences every other thought I have. When I read, the deep, pondering thoughts I have about that book stay with me for the rest of the day. Everything else is forgotten about.

4. Because characters are amazing

Throughout the duration of the story, and many years afterwards, characters become my friends. I completely, utterly adore them. The villains, the heroes, the ones who steal my heart - they all influence me and teach me something, be it good or bad. And most importantly, they remind me that I'm not alone.

5. Escapism

I feel like it's a really obvious answer. But getting lost in a book for hours on end can really distract me when I need it the most. Everybody goes through something difficult at some point in their lives. And I just think it's beautiful and magical how stories have the power to distract us from the realities of life, even if it's just for a few hours.

Reasons why other people read:

It helps me escape the stress in life and allows me to relax and unwind! - @chloemtommo

I love reading for so many reasons. I love getting to know the characters in stories, it feels like making new friends. I also just love escaping into a story and forgetting my own worries for a while as a dive into a book. - @magic_of_stories

It's a complete stress-reliever, nothing beats losing yourself in another world for a while! - @Lindzy92

I love to read because it's my escapism from reality when it becomes too much. It gives me a chance to reflect within a different perspective and reminds me that through everything I'm not alone. Whether it's through the characters I meet along the way or the relationship that grows between an author and their readers when their novels have inspired you or really hit home and helped you in a way that you never knew. Books are my light in the darkness, my escapism from reality and my friends when I'm alone. Without books and the knowledge they share I wouldn't still be here today. - @aimee_louise_l

As it's an amazing form of relaxation and helps me to de-stress! -

So many reasons, but put simply: because I can't not read and reality sucks. - @charlottesburns

It passes time either on the way to work or back again... - @ClaireEESheldon 

To forget everything that could stress me on a day to day basis. To escape. - @OrganisedBGirl

I love being able to experience new worlds and different things that I've not done before! - @aforestofbooks

Because I always fall in love with the characters. - @CoffeeShopBooks 

I love to read because it's an escapism! The fantasy worlds are so much better than our own. I also was a very young bookworm because I suffered at school a lot from bullying and found my friends in books. - @wanderedsouls_1

I love to read because it's an escape from the monotony of reality. - @pikamikareads

Not only does it relax me, but it challenges me, makes me use my mind, and takes me places I've never dreamed.  I know it's complicated. - @UtopiaMind

I find reading relaxing and plus I'm nosey and it's like stepping into someone else's life and escapism and written word is amazing. - @ReadingJade

It gives me a chance to travel to different places and other worlds from my own home and it's also an escape from the stresses of normal life - @LottieFrancess

Why do you read books?

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  1. I read for all of these reasons, as well as to learn! Since starting to blog about books, I've managed to learn so many things about myself and others by reading genres and books I otherwise wouldn't have found.


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