Lying About Last Summer

In June I managed to read six books, the last of which was Lying About Last Summer, a thrilling young adult debut. I was supposed to upload my review before the month ended, but alas, I got distracted, so here I am uploading it in July instead.

Lying About Last Summer is about a girl named Skye who witnessed her sister die in an accident. Sent to a camp aimed to help her deal with her grief through team bonding exercises and physical activities, she finally feels like things are beginning to look up - until she starts receiving strange text messages from someone claiming to be her sister. Did she really die, or was it all a cover up?

Favourite quote:

'I wonder if it's only me who hates wishes, if there are other people who think wishes are thoughts that hurt.'

Favourite character:

Even though she was only a secondary character, I really liked Faye. She came across as someone who was quite easily manipulated, but in the end, she ultimately proved that she had a strong mind-set and was no longer going to stand by and let anybody tell her what to do. Another reason why I liked her was because she was a good friend to Skye; admittedly, she wasn't always there for her, but she did have her best interests at heart.

3 words to describe the book:

Short, chilling, suspenseful.



Sue Wallman's debut is a short, easy read, perfect for those who love thrillers that aren't too scary, but will still leave you with lots of questions at every turn of the page. I'm not a huge fan of thrillers - if you browse through my blog, you'll notice that I hardly ever read them - but surprisingly, I found this one to be quite enjoyable (so much so that I'll definitely be reading more of Sue's books in the future!).

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