Love From Lexie

Cathy Cassidy was my favourite children's author growing up, and I think it's really exciting that I got sent a copy of her newest book, Love From Lexie, to review from Puffin on my blog. I read this book in one sitting, and losing myself in the words was like experiencing a blast from the past; the story was completely new, yet Cathy's writing was exactly how I remembered it to be from my childhood: brilliantly written and fully enjoyable.

Aimed at younger readers, the first book in The Lost & Found series is about a girl named Lexie. Ever since her mother abandoned her, she's been struggling to find a place to belong - she's had to start a new school, make new friends, and get used to living in a new house with a new family, all whilst trying to figure out  why the letters she's written to her mother remain unanswered. Why is everything so different from how it used to be?

Wanting to do something positive, she creates a new club at her school: The Lost & Found, a support group of sorts for those struggling to fit in - only it doesn't quite become what she envisioned it to be.

Instead, The Lost & Found becomes a band (a mismatched one, but a band nonetheless), and before she even knows it, Lexie and her band members are fighting to save a library they love from closure, whilst trying not to crumble under the pressures life present them with.

Favourite quote:

'I fell to pieces and put myself together again, but things aren't quite the same.'

Favourite character:

Lexi. I love seeing characters like her in children's books: ones who are extremely kind and empathetic, doing everything they possibly can to make sure everyone feels cared for whilst feeling alone in the world themselves. Undoubtedly, Lexie is an invaluable character to children's literature: she's a reminder to children that, no matter what life throws at them, they can achieve their dreams if they have the courage and the determination to reach for them.

3 words to describe the book:

Touching, sweet, inspiring.



Child, teenager, adult... no matter how old you are, you should give this book a read. Love From Lexie isn't just a story about a young girl feeling lost in the world. It's a story about saving libraries, first love, friendship, music and learning to deal with and process emotions. There's so much  (masterfully) packed into this story that everyone can relate to at least one element of it, and I think that's what I loved about the book the most.

P.S. I did a Q&A with Cathy on my blog last year, which you can read by clicking here.

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