Q&A With my Favourite Childhood Author

Cathy Cassidy will always be my favourite childhood author. Her books helped shape my life growing up, and as cliché as it sounds, they taught me valuable lessons which I'll always be thankful for: friendship, holding onto hope, the ups and downs of family life, heartbreak, loss, love, and countless other things. At the age of nine, my sister handed me a copy of Indigo Blue, and I devoured the story within a day... and eight years later, it's still sitting proudly on my shelf, yellow paged and worn after re-reading it so many times.

I recently contacted Cathy and asked if she'd like to take part in a Q&A on my blog - and of course, being the extremely awesome and incredibly lovely person that she is, she said yes!

The Jungle

Ink Road* recently contacted me and asked me if I'd like to take part in the blog tour for The Jungle, and of course I said yes (and squealed and did a happy dance, because this is the first blog tour I've ever taken part in!). As soon as the book was sent to me, I read it straight away - and I was surprised at just how delicately it handled the topic of refugee camps.

The State of Grace

As a bookworm (or rather, book dragon), I always look forward to the prospect of being given new books to read. When a surprise proof copy of The State of Grace from Macmillan was sent to me in the post, I put everything I was doing on hold to read the book, and I finished it within a day. It was beautiful.

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