My Top 5 Favourite Reads of 2017

Hi bookworms!

I managed to surprise myself and read a total of 55 books this year. Some of them were okay, some of them were really good, and some of them were absolutely mind-blowing. With it being the final day of 2017, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my top 5 favourite reads of the year with you all. Queue the drumroll... 

Inferno (Blood For Blood #2)

Hi bookworms!

This afternoon, I have a book review of Inferno, the second Blood For Blood book by Catherine Doyle, to share with you all. It's completely spoiler free, but if you haven't read my review of the first book Vendetta yet, I recommend that you do (you can click on the italics to be sent to the review!).

Vendetta (Blood For Blood #1)

Hi bookworms! 

I binge read the entire Blood For Blood trilogy by Catherine Doyle in a week and I have no regrets about it because it was one of the most amazing trilogies I have ever read in my life.

This evening, I'm very excited to share my review of Vendetta, the first book, with you all. Reviews for book two and three will follow suit!


Hi everyone! I'm back from my mini Internet break and today I have a new review of Angel by L.A. Weatherly to share with you all.

The Haunting

Another book I've enjoyed reading this month in the run up to Halloween is The Haunting by Alex Bell. I have a weakness for witchy books, as some of you may already know, so I was really excited to read this in October after stumbling across the premise online.

Frozen Charlotte

Happy October, everyone! Halloween is fast approaching, which means it's the perfect time to curl up with a spooky book. In the past few weeks, I've read quite a few thrillers and horrors, including two books by Alex Bell, The Haunting (which I adored!) and Frozen Charlotte which I'll be reviewing on my blog today.

The Last Namsara

I'm very excited to be taking part in the final slot of the blog tour for The Last Namsara, a book that completely captivated me from the very first sentence. If I had to summarise what Kristen Ciccarelli's debut is all about in very few words, it's this: dragons, forbidden storytelling and star-crossed love. 

A Shiver of Snow and Sky

A Shiver of Snow and Sky by Lisa Lueddecke is a book that completely took my breath away. You know when you read a story and become so immersed in it, that when you finally put it down it takes you a while to remember where you actually are? Yeah. This was one of those books. (Thank you Scholastic for sending a copy my way!)

The Copper Gauntlet (Magisterium #2)

At the beginning of the year, I read the The Iron Trial (Magisterium #1) by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. I ended up giving it 3/5 stars and thought it was quite an enjoyable read. Last month, I finally got round to reading the sequel and I definitely enjoyed it a lot more than the first book. 

The Falconer

A few months ago, the lovely publishers over at Orion were kind enough to send me The Falconer trilogy by Elizabeth May. These books had been on my wish list for ages, and I finally got round to reading the first book last month (it was my favourite read of August!). Set in Scotland, following the life of a faerie assassin, this debut did not disappoint me at all. It was fantastic.

Broken Heart Club

If you've read this Q&A and seen this review, you'll know that Cathy Cassidy is one of my favourite children's authors, which is why I couldn't resist picking up a copy of Broken Heart Club to read after a particularly stressful day.

See How They Lie

Lately, I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone and read more young adult thrillers (if you read my blog regularly, or follow me on Instagram or. Twitter, you'll know I hardly ever read them). Last month, I read Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman, and this month I read another one of her books, See How They Lie.


After stumbling across the synopsis online, I just knew that I had to read Frostblood at some point in the year. When it was on sale as an e-book for less than half price, I took it as a sign (or, rather, an excuse) to buy it. 


Happy August everyone! How is it that time is going by so quickly? We're six days into the new month and I've already read three books, one of which was Golden by Jessi Kirby. 

Dare to Fall

Yesterday, Estelle Maskame's new young adult novel Dare to Fall was released into the wild. When emailed by Black & White Publishing about her new book, I immediately agreed to take part in the blog tour for it - not just because the cover was insanely pretty, but because I fell in love with Estelle's writing after reading the first few sample chapters of the first book in the DIMILY trilogy on Wattpad.

A Review of Little Lauren's Shop

My sister Lauren recently set up an Etsy shop, and when I saw how beautiful her bunting and prints were, I couldn't help but order something for myself. I asked her if she could make me a customised bunting, and I gave her a brief outline of what to add to it: book and writing related items, to fit in with my favourite hobbies and the theme of my blog. This was the finished product:

Daughter of the Burning City

When it was my Birthday way back in April, Amanda Foody kindly sent me a signed ARC of her debut novel, Daughter of the Burning City, to read. I finally started (and finished!) it yesterday, and I was amazed at just how brilliant the book was. I couldn't put it down.

Lying About Last Summer

In June I managed to read six books, the last of which was Lying About Last Summer, a thrilling young adult debut. I was supposed to upload my review before the month ended, but alas, I got distracted, so here I am uploading it in July instead.

Love From Lexie

Cathy Cassidy was my favourite children's author growing up, and I think it's really exciting that I got sent a copy of her newest book, Love From Lexie, to review from Puffin on my blog. I read this book in one sitting, and losing myself in the words was like experiencing a blast from the past; the story was completely new, yet Cathy's writing was exactly how I remembered it to be from my childhood: brilliantly written and fully enjoyable.

The Accident Season

I won a proof of The Accident Season a long time ago. I think it might have been in 2016, before I even set up my blog in August. It's now almost a year later, and I've only just read it (I'm not a bad bookworm, I swear. I just have a really long TBR list!).

Show Stopper

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Hayley Barker's debut, Show Stopper, which was published by Scholastic on the 1st of June. After being sent a copy of it to review in the post, I promised myself I'd savour the story and read it over a set amount of days. Unfortunately, when it comes to books, I have absolutely no self control, so I ended up reading it in two sittings (woops). To say the least, it was a strangely addictive read. 

Under Rose-Tainted Skies

I finally got round to reading Under Rose-Tainted Skies, and it was just as beautiful as everyone said it would be.

The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale is a book that's been sitting on my shelf for well over a year now. I never really felt motivated to read it, until a few days ago when I watched the TV adaptation of the book on channel 4.

But Then I Came Back

Estelle Laure recently published her second book, But Then I Came Back, earlier in April this year. After reading her debut novel This Raging Light in 2016 - which I adored with every fibre of my being - I was really excited to read this.

Why Do People Read Books?

Hi bookworms!

The other day, I was thinking about why reading books is something which makes me so happy. Why is it that I choose to spend so much of my time reading? Why do so many other people in the world do the same? Why do people actually read books?

Glory O'Briens History of The Future

I recently finished reading Glory O'Briens History of the Future, which means I've now read a total of four books in April whilst juggling revision for my May exams - go me!

The Graces

I completely forgot about the fact that I owned a copy of The Graces until I was tidying my shelves up a few weeks ago. It was a book that was given to me as a Christmas gift, and one that I vowed to start reading  only once my exams were over in the summer... but after reading the first few pages, I decided to retract my promise. The story just seemed too interesting to put down.

Everything Beautiful is Not Ruined

I'm taking part in another blog tour - yay! -  and this time, it's for Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined by Danielle Younge-Ullman. I was sent a copy of the book by Scholastic UK in exchange for an honest review, and I ended up reading the novel in a day. On this particular day, I should have been revising (however, I'm going with the theory that reading is educational so I have nothing to feel guilty about, right?), but no matter how much I told myself I needed to do my college work and stop procrastinating, I just couldn't put the book down. I adored it.

Our Chemical Hearts

Our Chemical Hearts is a book I couldn't resist buying when it was reduced to just 99p on the Kobo store. I'm usually someone who prefers buying books in paperback, but recently, I've been enjoying reading stories on my e-reader - and considering that I've now ran out of shelf space, it's so much more convenient!

Q&A With my Favourite Childhood Author

Cathy Cassidy will always be my favourite childhood author. Her books helped shape my life growing up, and as cliché as it sounds, they taught me valuable lessons which I'll always be thankful for: friendship, holding onto hope, the ups and downs of family life, heartbreak, loss, love, and countless other things. At the age of nine, my sister handed me a copy of Indigo Blue, and I devoured the story within a day... and eight years later, it's still sitting proudly on my shelf, yellow paged and worn after re-reading it so many times.

I recently contacted Cathy and asked if she'd like to take part in a Q&A on my blog - and of course, being the extremely awesome and incredibly lovely person that she is, she said yes!

The Jungle

Ink Road* recently contacted me and asked me if I'd like to take part in the blog tour for The Jungle, and of course I said yes (and squealed and did a happy dance, because this is the first blog tour I've ever taken part in!). As soon as the book was sent to me, I read it straight away - and I was surprised at just how delicately it handled the topic of refugee camps.

The State of Grace

As a bookworm (or rather, book dragon), I always look forward to the prospect of being given new books to read. When a surprise proof copy of The State of Grace from Macmillan was sent to me in the post, I put everything I was doing on hold to read the book, and I finished it within a day. It was beautiful.

The One Memory of Flora Banks

The One Memory of Flora Banks is a book I've seen all over Instagram. It's been getting a lot of love recently, and considering how much I love YA, I thought it was only right to read it and see if it lived up to the hype.


Caraval has been one of my most anticipated reads of 2017, and let me tell you this: the lengthy wait was one-hundred percent worth it. I ended up reading the whole book in a day - I really couldn't put it down! - and every page of it was just as good as I thought it would be.

Wing Jones

After reading lots of fantasy lately, I thought it was about time to finally delve back into another one of my favourite genres, young adult. I'd heard lots of brilliant things about Wing Jones, so when I won a copy of the book from the lovely Nazima (@snazzyreads) on Twitter, I just knew I had to read it straight away.

Windwitch (The Witchlands #2)

Thanks to UK Tor Books HQ, I've once again been able to immerse myself in the rich, dark and magical world of the Witchlands, a place that I've fallen in love with completely. After devouring Truthwitch, I just knew that I had to get my hands on a copy of the second book - and the story was just as brilliant and as intriguing as the first.

We Were Liars

I've wanted to read We Were Liars ever since I saw it advertised as a part of the Zoella Book Club last year. When it was reduced to just 99p on the Kobo bookstore, I couldn't resist buying it - and now as I've finished reading the book, I  can finally understand (and appreciate!) what all the well-deserved hype was about.

The Iron Trial (Magisterium #1)

I was lucky enough to receive some books for Christmas, three of which were the first in the Magisterium series written by Holly Black and my favourite fantasy author ever, Cassandra Clare. I finished reading the first book, The Iron Trial, in one sitting, and it was such a fun, light two-hundred and ninety five page read.

Truthwitch (The Witchlands #1)

I couldn't have picked a better way to kick start 2017 than by reading a copy of Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, kindly sent to me by lovely team over at Tor HQ (you guys rock!). It's one of the best fantasies I've ever read - and yes, this is your subtle hint to pre-order a copy of it before it hits U.K. shelves on January 12th.

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