Earth & Sky

Earth & Sky by Megan Crewe is the first instalment in the Earth & Sky trilogy. I was fortunate enough to receive an e-copy of the first book to review on my blog by the lovely author herself and it's such an interesting sci-fi.

A Quiet Kind of Thunder

If anyone loves Sara Barnard's writing just as much as I do, you'll be happy to know that she's releasing a new YA book in January 2017. I was lucky enough to snag a proof copy of A Quiet Kind of Thunder to review on my blog, and it's the sweetest, most adorable Young Adult novel I've read in a long time. Even more amazing than Beautiful Broken Things (which, FYI, I adored).

The Library of Fragrance

The Library of Fragrance is a New York based company that specialises in  unique smelling perfumes, ranging from the wacky scents of Play-Doh and Baby Powder to the more subtle smells of Apple Blossom and Clean Skin. As well as selling 30ml bottles for £15.00, they also sell a range of other sized bottles, too, including 120ml bottles for £30.00 (bargain!) and 8.8ml bottles of roll on perfumes for £10.00.


Being a huge book lover, the promise of a book-scented perfume really appealed to me, so of course Paperback was an obvious choice to go for! The perfume itself smelt primarily of vanilla, a fragrance that would appeal to anyone who likes to wear sweet, strong scents as opposed to subtle ones. Although the vanilla smelt pleasant -- like a body scrub, but sweeter -- it (disappointingly!) didn't reflect the smell of books. Even though the perfume is said to contain 'woody' elements with a 'touch of must and dust', I think the smell of the vanilla was so overpowering that it made the other layers difficult to pick out / notice.

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